Protect hospitality workers’ income and keep our local businesses open.

Send an email to your legislators urging them to protect your local businesses and oppose HB 5345, which would eliminate the tip credit for workers. This would fundamentally alter the way restaurants, bars, breweries, hotels, and other businesses who use the tip credit pay their employees, causing many to cut shifts or tipped staff positions, raise prices, or permanently close. 

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Position Statement on Illinois Hospitality Businesses

Eliminating the tip credit would fundamentally change longstanding rules for how tipped employees in Illinois are paid, putting at risk employee earning potential and significantly raising costs for business owners. Business in Illinois already faces a challenging economic landscape. Now is not the time to pile additional burdens on our local and family-run businesses. Instead, let’s work together to do the right thing to protect Illinois businesses! 

Protect Illinois Hospitality

Keep Your Local Businesses Open & Protect The Earning Potential of Hospitality Employees​

Here are the simple facts:

  • The median tipped restaurant employee in Illinois makes more than $28/hour compared to the state minimum wage of $14/hour. 
  • Current laws already require tipped employees to earn at least the minimum wage and if for any reason they don’t, the business owners must make up the difference for every hour worked. No employee can make under the state’s minimum wage – it’s the law. 
  • Business owners will experience increased labor costs which in other markets have resulted in higher prices, decreasing staff hours or eliminating positions, and even closing their doors.  
  • Six out of the seven states that have eliminated the tip credit have some of the lowest tip percentages in the country, with California and Washington at the bottom of the list.